Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little House Big Woods

I can't remember exactly what started my obsession with Little House On The Prairie. Was it the chicken or the egg? The show or the books? I think it was the books that I got hooked on in the second grade and later the TV show. It was also my favorite game to play. I'd pretend to live in the olden days and use my imagination to ride in the wagon with Ma and Pa and Mary and live in a cabin. But looking back it probably would have sucked to live in the cabin, which was really a house made of sod and had a dirt floor.

I liked Laura naturally because she was always getting into trouble...like me. Mary was a brat who was obsessed with being right but she wound up going blind so you can't really hate on her. I don't remember much about the littlest one. I absolutely HATED Nellie Olson she was such a bitch with her weird curls in her hair. I thought she looked like a little boy wearing a wig. She was such a manipulator and a general rival of the Ingalls clan so I couldn't stand her. This is a classic photo of her at right. She probably just stole the girls shoes while they were down and the swimmin' hole and threw them in the garbage behind the pharmacy her parents owned. Like I said...bitch.
I remember once I was home from school sick and watched an episode that was 'to be continued'. I think Laura got kidnapped and it was so suspenseful that I had to fake sick the next day just so I could watch what happened. When the dreaded 'to be continued...' appeared on the screen I immediately started plotting my continued 'illness'. I stayed in bed all night and my mom never even tried to wake me up the next day. She just let me sleep in. I popped myself some popcorn fifteen minutes before showtime, got a blanket and plopped down on the couch for the final episode. It.was.awesome.

I think Nellie went on to become a stand up comic which makes me feel a little bit better about her. Laura went on to star in a number of Lifetime movies. I have no idea what ever became of Ma or Mary. I think Pa passed away. I loved how he called Laura Half Pint and he was kinda hot when the show aired...weirdzies. So yeah there was nothing cooler than Little House in the second grade. I even had a prairie girl outfit I acquired when I played a pioneer in a school play. I wore it while I read the books. *headdesk*


The Blogging Alchemist said...

Your title says "Big Woods" Giggity!!

Jana said...

Way to contribute to my fecking awesome post Gavan!