Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Face It... I'm Facebookless

I was thinking the other day how I never post here anymore. I considered deleting this entire blog because its rather time consuming to post and really this thing is not that user friendly and generally annoying if you want to upload more than one picture. I thought that I'd delete this and just use Facebook. Well fuck that, I deleted my Facebook randomly at two am Monday night. It's funny how much more focused I've become without my phone buzzing every two seconds with a notification. I'm so relieved and happy being disconnected.

I took off the last two days for no good reason. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I just wanted a few days to lay around and do nothing. Its been great. I cleaned every inch of my apartment, I fixed my vacuum, went through old photos (throwing away some), I reorganized my closet, figured out how to hook up and actually use my printer and made my bed everyday for the past week.

I'm generally an organized person, my dishes are done everyday, my living room is always tidy but there is something super relaxing about my spotless apartment. I realized that after three months living here I'm so happy and thankfull that I live alone again and while this place isn't huge, its perfect for me. There is an alarming number of car accidents that happen on the street I live on. And being on the second floor I can always hear it happen, and watch as the two drivers argue loudly about whose fault it is... then I watch the paramedics wheel someone away, all from my insanely comfy leather chair with a cup of coffee in hand. Who needs cable when you live on a busy street?

So my Facebookless life has also allowed me to get a lot of homework done... even though I'm on Spring Break I started writing what seems to be an A paper on Forensic Nursing. I really could write about 25 pages but I think that will jut piss of my instructor more than help my grade so I'm trying to dumb it down a little.
Also, I've been thinking about my next tattoo. What I really want... I am afraid to get because I don't know of any particular artists that can tattoo life like portrait of a person and I've seen too many of them gone wrong. So, I'm thinking of adding onto my last one.

Besides deleting my Facebook, not going to school or work there really isn't a lot going on.... hmmm, going to the Talib show tomorrow night... should be fun.

Oh, I'm posting a picture of myself in my FAVORITE jacket. I took it out for the first time last weekend and got lots of compliments. This photo is me... kind of buzzed after a few drinks downtown... I think I look kinda like a thirsty vampire. Raaawwww. That's all for now! Chow.


Anonymous said...

Forbearance is no acquittance.

The Blogging Alchemist said...

You want a tattoo of a person?!?! Look, I'm flattered, but it's a bit much!

Jana said...

Why is a tattoo of a person so shocking? Whats so wrong with wanting Charlie Sheen right there where I can see him? GOSH, broaden your horizons.