Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Call Me Pam

Today I got a phone call from a new potential employer. I'm not sure why but the thought of leaving my current job for a new one is so scary. Even though I make a decent wage and like the majority of co workers I sometimes hate my job. The ridiculousness of people shocks me everyday. I am in a bit of a pickel. I can't decide if I should sue my employer or not :).

A doctor there has been harassing me for the past year. I've put up a bit of fight. Complaining to my supervisor and adminstrator with no change. It took me threatning going to the EEOC and an attorney to get a reaction. But part of me feels that it is too little too late. After our little meeting and a threathing email this doctor is kissing my ass. I even started to feel bad for him. And this paperwork from the EEOC looks intimidating even though I know it is supposed to help me. My original plan was to find a new job and sue the shit out of my old one. But I am suddenly finding myself doing a little sould searching....playing with my moral compass. I don't feel this man is a sinsiter being who is completly evil. He can be an asshole but I think its just a lack of common sense. He's kind of like Michael Scott in The Office. I think he lacks a very basic thing that most of us have....a filter telling him what is appropriate and what is not. I'm going to my interview the day after tomorrow. Its only part time and hopefully making more money. Which would free up my schedule for school. Yikes. I was hoping to avoid all of this by hitting the jackpot in Vegas but life is a bitch and people are shit.

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