Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Every once and a while I get the sudden urge to write. About very random things that no one cares about.... mostly my life. What to do with this pointless ache to share my ideas, thoughts and opinions with people who don't care. I'm so tired of myspace and Facebook so behold.....Leaping Backward with Jana Nye.
I'm back bitches.

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Jayme Valentine said...

It's disappointing that you don't have more comments... You are a great writer and I enjoyed reading your blogs. I think it's funny that 15 years later, there are some similariites between us... and I happen to work 1 mile from where we used to live... I heart Twilight. Go for the abortion clinic if you can sleep at night. The pocket book problems can screw so many aspects of your life. If you have to spend a year making good money but doing something kinda shitty, promise yourself it's a year only, and make sure you can live with yourself. If not, yup, suffer a second job:-)
Lol, although I empathize with your bf... I'm the slightly untidy one in my world... but I try real hard to do other nice things. Tell him be a pig, but get me chocolate more often. We aren't messy on purpose, we just lazy.