Thursday, September 17, 2009

31 Views (like whoa)

I've been pretty bummed that I wasted my time posting these damn blogs and no one comments them (except you Crasskins, thanks). I realize that my latest post Lettuce With a Side of Bat Shit doesn't even have the comments enabled (I'll work on that). Sadly, I don't know how to promote this beyond putting the link as my facebook status and sometimes I have trouble signing in. I'm such a blogging idiot.

After looking favorite thing that I don't do often enough, I realize there have been 31 views of Leaping Backward With Jana Nye! 31! Thats a lot ... I think anyway. I wonder how many of those were me :)

So I wanna know how to get more views. Actually I just decided I don't care about views because I hate spys. I want comments. I don't care if they are telling me how much my blog sucks or correcting my poor grammer. Should I change the name?? Maybe I need to do something to make my page more warm and welcoming. Do you like this kittywagon I've posted. Does it make you more likely to continue reading???

Maybe I should stop the posts about abortion and just stick to what I know....Twilight. Comments? Suggestions?


Adam Neibauer said...

I'm commenting. These are hysterical posts and you could write professionally. Use your time off if you get a part time job to write a book. You remind me of that girl who wrote "I Was Told There'd Be Cake". You know that stupid movie "Julie & Julia"? In the preview it's all about this woman who blogs about Julia Child, etc... and now they made a fucking movie out of it. And one can only assume that she's rich now. And still writing. I'm gonna post your link as my status and give you free advertising for a day or so. Priceless bitches.

The Blogging Alchemist said...

Madam Nye, the abortion post is my favorite hands down. Most people are able to talk shit about their ethics and play the high ground but that's because few are ever held accountable. You presented someone in the crux of a moral/ethical dilemma in the most honest of ways. Good, good stuff. Don't worry about the views/comments and concern yourself more with the continued introspection. "Gnothi Seauton"

They call me crass cuz I'm an asshole - G.

kelly said...

This is hilarious. I agree with Adam. Write a book (but make sure to hire an editor to fix your grammar and spelling). At least you admitted you had a grammar problem. :) Can't wait to read the next one.

PS-the titles are my favorite part.

Jana said...

Thanks guys. But I still hold the amount of views I get in direct regard to how cool/ fun/ readable my blog is. It validates me. Get over it. I learned that 'Gnothi Seauton' means know thyself. I had to google it becuase I am but a lowly receptionist and don't know these things. Now if I could only pronounce it.