Friday, September 18, 2009

In Other News... September 18th

This week was a rather boring one. Working all week long, lots of clinics in other cities requiring to spend mo' money on gas. And driving without any speakers in my car is the worst!!! I'm not really sure what the problem is with them. But I do know I don't have the money to fix it. I have been doing a good job of not spending money. I really despise the idea of a second job but its looking like the only way.... to stay afloat.

I have been looking for ways to cut back and conserve. Short of sitting in the dark not moving, I'm having some trouble. I cancelled the Internet on my phone which will save me some money. Whats the point of having a Blackberry with no Internet? I'm finding my self a bit lost with out it. Like seriously I get lost because I don't have my GPS (which I LOVE). I also really miss my Twitter and Facebook applications. If I wanted to know what my brother was up to I'd check his Facebook to see his status. Now I actually have to pick up the phone and call him. Geez. But I'm suddenly realizing be so 'connected' isn't really the truth with having all the apps at my fingertips. I'm starting to adjust and I'm starting to like it. Except when I'm lost.

In other news I have made a decision to stop using expensive fattening coffee creamer in my coffee every morning. This will help me save money AND maintain a healthier lifestyle. It was once my favorite part of my morning but now I get just as much of a thrill being rude to people because I'm crabby and my coffee tastes like shit. I'm doing this strictly on trial basis for one month to see how terrible my life gets and in hopes of reducing my calorie intake I drop a few pounds. This is the best plan for me because I am a lazy ass and want big results with little effort. I'll keep you posted on this very important change in my life.

I got paid today but somehow the money I worked hard for is already gone in cyberspace somewhere. Making payments, plugging away, hating it. As you can probably tell money has been a stressor for me for the past few weeks. Maybe I'll start clipping coupons and instead of buying the shirt from I'll head to the Goodwill and see what I can finagle. This new lifestyle is what I call Recession Chic.

I have no big plans this weekend. I'm going to do my best to sit in the dark and not move. Yet somehow I know I'll wind up sitting at a bar with a buzz laughing hysterically with Michelle and Tons of Fun while speaking in a British accent. Cheers!


Jayme Valentine said...

So... Sounds a lot like my life... eery... I think it's the whole being 25 thing, quarter life crisis if you will. Interesting. Good luck with your changes... Im trying new things too. Suddenly, the library was cool again, or rather, for the first time (it never had a Starbucks like Barnes and Noble or quick access to the rest of the mall). Toodles.


This is a pretty good post. I like the coffee bit.

Emily said...

Hey Jana. I like this post. Coffee creamer...what can I say? I feel the same way about it. It is expensive though. And it's not THAT fattening or anything, so I think you'll be in the clear if you go back to it. Unless you consume like half a bottle a day. BUT, on the expensive side, to save money, I buy half and half. Then just put some sugar in my coffee. Not as good...but it still tastes better than black. Goodwill...I was just there today :) Always a good pick, especially for jeans.