Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Listography: Shit I Could Do Without

The following is a list of random things that I feel my life would be better without. This was actually kind of fun to create. Hopefully you don't fall into any of these categories....read it and weep!
These are a few things I could do without.....
Parking citations and the fucks that write them. I have gotten well over $300 in parking ticketsin the past year. That is actually conservative estimate. I just got another one this morning. Maybe I should stop with the overnight parking. Nah, just no more tickets please.

Serena on Gossip Girl. Her story line has become so boring. Chuck and Blair should just get their own show (sans headbands) called Chuck Looks Really Intense and Blair Loves It.

Headaches. I've taken so much Ibuprofen in the past week. Doing your daily shit with a headache seriously sucks. My head is pounding, my phone is ringing, I've got to do laundry, I've got to give Charlie a bath, I've got to pay that parking citation.

Anonymous commenters.

Bigotry. I find these people irrational most of the time and annoying all the time.

Extreme narcissists. Their self obsession and self love make me want to vomit. But sometimes its comical and makes me laugh.

Weight gain. The cons of not being able to fit into last years skinny jeans and being forced to wear leggings with boots does not make up for the fact that my boobs have gotten bigger.

People who mumble. It is exhausting trying to watch their mouths and decipher what the hell their saying without looking crazy and saying "whhaat?" fifty times. So sometimes you just shrug, giggle and don't say anything and wind up looking like a ditz s because they really asked you a question.

Good friends moving away. I could definently do without that. I'm gonna miss my BFF :(

Cigarettes. If they did not exist there would be no option to smoke. I've got zero will power.

People who make more money than I do doing a job that is way easier than the one I have. I'm but a lowly popper.

Irresponsible people who lose things all the time. Then you have to help the scatterbrain find their cell phone or lab order. Annoying.

People who say "Smile Honey". Umm no. Why don't you fuck off?

Also I could do without people who have any tattoo of a logo, such as a Nike swoosh, Miller or PBR. Along with these people are the people who a tattoo of a bar code. Go somewhere.

Hmm, I could do without my own ramblings so we'll leave it at that. What could you do without?


Anonymous said...

Funny. Not sure I agree with the part about anonymous commentors though.

Jana said...

Thank you Anonymous....maybe I can change my mind if you get some act right. ;)