Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Nights Photos, Regrets and French Fries

There is nothing more thrilling than when you are out with someone super fun (ahem, Michelle) and you have a camera, drinks and some fucking awesome music. You start to snap some photos. You may be on the dance floor of a club or at your corner bar when this happens. You may even by in the bathroom of a corner bar (ahem Hannons). You are thinking, these photos are gonna be on the Internet tomorrow and they're going to be awesome. I'm totally making one of these my default picture on Facebook/Myspace/Twitter.
Good Morning! Rise and shine! You are lying on the bathroom floor, your panties are in your hair and you want water, french fires and a cigarette, NOW but not in that order. You walk sluggishly to your computer and type go to whatever social network you see fit to see the damage. And there you are, you drunk mess you. Looking HOT and SEXY like every drink you are holding is your first. You breathe a sigh of relief and run in to the bathroom to puke. You'll update everything tomorrow. I love my fucking friends.